Dear lovelies, each month we’ve been asking for your Liffs, and posting our favourites on the site. Here are the winners from the last few months, as judged by a world-expert team of Lifferati. Winners will be sent a copy of Afterliff signed by the authors. And here are the winning Liffs:

DECEMBER WINNER: WIMBISH GREEN n. Any fictional town entirely populated by animals in Edwardian dress. [By Kerry Nicholls]

NOVEMBER WINNER: PRESTON CAPES n. One who casually performs feats of strength in front of his son’s girlfriend. [By Chris Barton]

OCTOBER WINNER: MELK n. Off milk. [By Clive Murray]

SEPTEMBER WINNER: PORTHMADOG n. A handbag for carrying a chihuahua. [By Vickie Irwin]

AUGUST WINNER: HOUSTON n. The zoo animal which resides permanently out of sight. [by Ratel]  Runners-up: GLASGOW n. Council note left on bin criticising contents. CUSHENDON n. The empty seat a stranger leaves between them and you in the cinema. MULL OF KINTYRE n. Protracted debate over wedding guest list.