Liffs Go Local

Liffs are all based on real place names. But even though thousands of liffs exist, liffs aren’t everywhere. So what to do if your town doesn’t have a liff? And how to celebrate your local liff if it does?

We’re here to help. Why not set up a local group to petition for a liff, or to celebrate one that already exists? Or how about having a stab at creating a fitting liff for your home town instead?

How to set up a group

So, you love liffs. Your love may seem like the loneliest thing in the world. But remember, you are not alone. Other people love liffs too. Some of them might even live round the corner. Why not get in touch, meet up, behave outrageously? We suggest:

Setting up a group on Facebook. Choose the name of the liff local to you (or, if there isn’t one, choose the name of the place you’d like there to be a liff for). We’d suggest naming the groups Place [eg Caterham] – A Liff Local Group. Then invite like-minded friends to join the group. And then invite other local organisations to join, such as the library, civic trust or PTA.

I have a Liff Group on Facebook. Now what do I do?

Well done. Now, you can either:

Celebrate your Liff!

You are the proud inhabitant of one of the many places claimed for a liff in any one of the official liff books, from Aachen to Zumbo.

Get a Liff!

Is your town liffless? Do you feel dejected, bereft, even a bit cross? Then why not galvinise a group of like-minded individuals to petition for a liff. Take your concern to the local press, the town council, even Sir John of Lloyd himself.

Make Your Own Liff!

Liff is what you make it. If your town hasn’t got one, you can either get angry – or get creative.

Whatever the town status, your Facebook page will need:

  • A group photo around the town sign for starters.
  • An annual event. We suggest that April 17th is Annual Liff Day. This is the day when you and your group can celebrate by re-enacting classic liffs, such as Villagrains (n.) – The crumbs that stop a DVD machine from working, caused by small children carefully inserting toast into the slot, or Koolyanobbing (ptcpl.v.) – Feeling a pregnant woman’s bump without asking first
  • Sharing Liff reenactments via YouTube, Flickr, Instagram or Vine.
  • A re-enactment of the definition behind your town’s liff.